Single Parenting

Over the past years, single parent families have become a common thing in our societies. Today we get to see all sorts of single parent families. Some headed by fathers, others by mothers and even some headed by a grandparent raising their grandchildren. There are different reasons as to why a person becomes a single parent. One may choose it as a lifestyle while others may find themselves in it as a result of being in a relationship that they left or their partner has died.
These types of families are quite different from the common nuclear families’ with two parents living under the same roof. Single parents usually face a lot of challenges depending with the circumstance. In dual parenting, family decisions are often made after deliberations by both the father and the mother. In single parenting, the situation is different as these decisions end up being decided together with the children. Another characteristic of single parenting is that only one person is usually the breadwinner of the family.

Children in such families also face a lot of challenges that are sometimes uncommon in dual parenting families. Families with one parent will often need extra hands’ around the house in order to complete the house chores and help in bread winning. This can significantly reduce the time a child spends in playing with other children. Children in such families may also turn out to be rebellious towards authorities. This is because of being used to having a near equal say in the house with the case being different in other places such as school.

For the single parent, the challenges facing him/her are quite many. One of the main challenges is disciplining the child. It can be hard work being the only disciplinarian in the house. The parent may end up feeling he/she is always the bad guy in the house. It might also be difficult for the sole parent to enter a new relationship especially if the children are not comfortable with the new companion.

However, it is not all doom for single parents. Despite its challenges, single parenting also has its own advantages. One advantage is that a child from a single parent family who is loved and well supported is more likely to have fewer problems than one from a two parent home. The child is also more likely to grow into a mature and responsible person. The relationship between the parent and the child is also close. Such families are also less likely to rely on traditional gender specific roles than in two parent families and the parents tend to rely on problem solving methods rather than punishing or disciplining the child.

In a nutshell, single parenting is both challenging and exciting. It depends with the angle from which you want to view the situation. The numbers for single parent families have been on the rise over the years and are expected to go high. Given the opportunity, single parents can raise good or even better children that will impact the world positively.