Adoptive Parenting

Adoptive parenting brings joy to countless individuals and families across the world. Adoptive parenting, like all types of parenting, can be a source of great happiness – as well as considerable stress. Ideally, adopting a child can be the fulfilling of needs and wants – the child needs a family and the parents want a child. It seems like the perfect situation. However, like all family relationships and dynamics sometimes this can become a little bit complicated. Adoptive parenting comes with a few challenges, but it is so important to try to have an awareness and confront them openly – to ensure the child has the best chance of a happy and healthy life.

Adoptive Parenting Strategies

There are a number of strategies, or resources for adoptive parents can use in order to better prepare themselves and smooth the transition of a child being welcomed into their home:

– Adoptive parents support: Speaking with others who have gone through the same situation can offer peace of mind and reassurance.

– Be Patient: Sometimes when you adopt, an automatic connection is not felt, leading to guilt on the part of the parent. Give yourself time to get to know the child and form a bond and relationship. It does not have to appear immediately, you have a lifetime.

– Family Traditions: Establish some family rituals and traditions to give a feeling of togetherness, which can reinforce the child and parent relationship.

– Prepare for Questions: Many people will be curious about your adoptive parenting, decide how you will respond / how much you choose to share – so there will be no surprises for you or the child.

– Acknowledge your child’s life before and outside of you (if applicable): Unless you adopt an infant, your child will most likely have experiences and memories that do not include you. This should not be threatening, it is just a part of who they are. Be open about it.

– Cut yourself some slack: Being an adoptive parent can be stressful – don’t put too much pressure on yourself for everything to go smoothly or perfectly, finding a rhythm can take time.

– Seek Help: Sometimes we feel like we are in over our head – don’t struggle alone, consult a professional.

Conclusions about Adoptive Parenting

At the very heart of the matter – adoptive parenting is the same as parenting a biological child, because the love is the same. Biology is not the sole dictator of attachment, closeness or relationships. This is an important thing to remember if your child has curiously about their biological roots. It is not an insult to you in any way, it is a natural curiousity.

In adoptive parenting, or any parenting, it is so essential is to be proactive rather than reactive. There are foreseeable challenges with adoptive parenting – such as feeling a lack of attachment, feeling rejection (child curiously about biological parents), behavioural and emotional issues (child feels lack of identity), etc. But adoption is a lifelong commitment, so it is necessary to deal with these issues in order to ensure the greatest possibility of family happiness. Adoption can be considered a wonderful gift. It creates families / brings them together and offers the potential for happiness.


Happy parenting adoptive children ! Adoptive parenting will change your life.